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he who fucks nuns will later join the church

lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-04-13 23:41
Subject: p h i l a d e l p h i a
Security: Public
Location:mark's house in great barrington
Music:would be bizarre love triangle
Awwww yeeeeeuh!
I'm in PHILADELPHIA this weekend!!!!:D soooo pumped!!!!!!
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-04-07 21:28
Subject: bitch-ass
Security: Public
Music:cyndi lauper
To remember: '76 Br. punk band The Fall, '80s CD Perverted By Language...

Had a lonnng shopping spree of $80 today and bought a bitch ass pair of chartreuse/purple/white Pumas: http://www.zappos.com/images/607/7156607/1733-178838-p.jpg

I also bought a belly-shirt w/ Japanese stuff all over it (it's really bright), a 1700s-looking (my mom said it was actually a petticoat) skirt of white lace w/ tattered black lace fringing the bottom, knee length, and neon lime green fishnets. amazing.

I should listen to broader music, in general. I'm importing a Frank Black CD onto my compu' now. I hope i like it, obviously.

I had a dream last night that I sent a nasty letter back to Emerson quasi-rejecting me and they sent me an angry one right back. Apparently I ended it w/ the dreaded 'cunt'-word. Oops... I mean, c-word. haha.

Oh, and tomorrow's Easter... candy & chocolates, ohmygod!!! happy easter, too.
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-04-03 21:19
Subject: Drexel University
Security: Public
Music:cyndi lauper: when you were mine
So, I got rejected (maybe for my grammar) from NYU/USC, but a. I was expecting it, b. their losses, ima come back in 10 years and betchslap them and their silly deans.

On the other hand: it's official:


Esp. b/c I got a sweet betch-ass financial package: a grandissimo cost of $47,000 yearly between tuition/room & board/books/food/city living etc. was knocked down, largely between scholarship & grants w/ just a few thousand worth of loans: to:

only $13,000/yr! Effing yea!

I'm going down to Philadelphia next next weekend (sic) for the 14th & 15th, the latter day hosting an accepted/enrolling freshmen open house.
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-03-31 18:44
Subject: bubblemint
Security: Public
Location:the ukraine. mystical
Music:twas twere twally inxs
SO as of now, I've gotten into...
Georgia State
...but the latter's a definite no b/c I did't make their film program, instead they randomly decided i'd be suitable for like, fucken, writing for film/television, and i didn't work my ass off w/ the applications to go for my 2nd choice at a predominantly female college w/ a wishy-washy hippie vibe. so.

my new job is going okay. i have to work tomorrow. my dad came up today and we went to the clark. they had a real david(e?). for some reason that impressed me more than renoir/monet/degas. maybe b/c there was only 1. i thought it was of Napoleon from afar. haha. then we had bitch-ass barbeque at smokin lils. i have a cornbread/pulled pork obsession. yummmmay betch.

I'm on the phone w/ samantha right now!!!!!!!!zomg. and i went to cvs. my new craze is teeth whitening orbit gum. ahhh bubblemint
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-03-25 17:12
Subject: got a new job
Security: Public
Music:The Pyschedelic Furs. love my way.
My weekend has had some highlights; getting a new job, namely. I now work in shoes at Deals & Steals 20 hrs/wk. I start tomorrow, 3-6 pm. Plus Sundays, 12-5. Come & visit.

Otherwise my period has kicked my ass and kept me somewhat dulled.

Having dinner company tonight. Test tomorrow. Plus my 2nd job.
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Date: 2007-03-23 16:38
Subject: stress :(
Security: Public
Location:georgia, USSR
I feel stressed out for no reason. I think I'm getting my period soon. Actually it's not totally for no reason, it's b/c I keep calling & calling Ernie and he's never there and I'm afraid I'm not going to have my drivers license by the time I go to college. But I MUST. It's the social norm. I do conform. I'm only a writer. I'm also stressed b/c I picked up over a dozen job applications 2 days ago and I should seriously fill them out and bring them back, but for some reason I just don't have the strength to get around to it, maybe b/c I don't feel confident enough to land another job anywhere. And I also feel stressed b/c there's a lot of scholarship stuff I should be doing, like right now. But I'm not. B/c I can't not be tired. I'm perpetually tired and it seems so hard to drag myself around. I got a new cell phone. I'm tired and cold. Ugh. I'm having friends over tomorrow night. Smith returns this week. Back to Italian. I saw a French film w/ a friend last night called Dry Cleaning & it was amazing. It's about a middle-aged provincial couple who lead a rather mundane life as dry cleaners. Until they go to a club on a whim, from there getting entangled w/ a drag performer who begins an affair with the wife. But the real drama is in the drag-guy pursuing the high-strung, quasi-homophobic, emotions-suppressing husband in the couple. Anyway. That's not real life, is it. I am in a bad mood. I bet my period's about to begin any hour now. I can't think of any worthwhile news. I've been reading The Magus diligently. I can't believe I don't have a job or my license. Blugggh. We just finished Russia in Euro. It's not very interesting but for Stalin. He's the only interesting thing. It's actually quite sad. I bet he could have been a perfect gentleman if his dad hadn't beaten the shit out of him daily. What luck and random chance. It's so random.
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-03-13 16:28
Subject: orgy/gross dream
Security: Public
Music:bona drag
I haven't gotten any other college mail yet. Countdown! I have 6 left.

Ahh I had a gross dream last night! Ewww. Well, it had 2 parts. One part wasn't gross, just funny/bizarre, that being me looking out in my broad-daylight yard and basically seeing an orgy going on that I somehow knew was w/ all 1600s intellectuals. I don't know how they got there.

The gross part... ahh! The gross part was that this weird Yakuza-tattooed version of Kevin Spacey jumped (I don't know why) from some height and missed his aim (maybe a pool??) and basically landed on concrete right on his head. He got up - I don't know how he didn't die - but he'd cracked his head open and it was bleeding. Not a lot, but thick and almost black. Eww... but then his brain started to like, glop out, lol, it was so nast. and that was black too b/c it was covered w/ blood. blughhhh oozing brains hahahaha

Arghh! My Italian midterm is tomorrow!!!!!!!
I'm gonna fail. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, haha
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-03-11 18:05
Subject: picadilly palare
Security: Public
Location:in camera
Oh-ohh! guess who got accepted into Drexel University!

ha haaaa

I got my letter (and like 20 other things: come visit Philadelphia!) in the mail yesterday afternoon.

And, if I go, I get a $12,000 academic merit scholarship for each year that I go there as an undergraduate!! wooo!!

Also tonight I'm going w/ L. and C. to see Pan's Labyrinth in Amherst. Everyone said it was good. Kind of like a $5.00 chocolate bar w/ chipotle pepper in it. And like Logan's Run!!!!! zomg.... worst/best movie ever made.
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-03-09 16:06
Subject: blood drive madness!
Security: Public
Location:the hizzouse
Music:primus: pork soda
Wow, I passed out hardcore today!

I donated blood @ the high school blood drive for the first time (hadn't been old enough, previously). I was a bit nervous, and the initial needle prick was a bit painful, but my friend C. was w/ me and I had my iPod, so. I did pretty well getting a pint out. Started to slow down for some reason near the end, and the needle starting pinching, but it eventually worked out and they unhooked me w/ a successful full pint, right?

After you finish up (I had a friend who had just finished, one waiting, and one rejected for iron deficiency but cheerleading - moral support!) - it's in the gym - you go sit on the mats against the wall. They give you water, juice, cookies, crackers (and a t-shirt, betch!) (it's not even good - it says "thank you for donating blood, as if I'm saying 'thank you' to other people) and have you sit on these mats. So I'm sitting there a few minutes, maybe 3, 4. I felt fine. But then I started to feel nauseous. I took some deep breaths, thinking I'd override it. But then I started to feel hot - and I knew it then - and then started to see spots, until I couldn't see at all-

And then it was like *bam* *pow!* I came to with about six very fast-moving nurses all around, putting wet towels on my throat and forehead and lifting my feet up onto a chair ('her boots are heavy'). It almost felt good. I just felt very sleepy, and nothing that happened was worrisome. It was all just... whatever... I wanted to sleep. But they kind of coaxed me awake, and then I gradually woke up naturally after that. My friends were all w/ me. Multiple nurses came over at various points and told me how to lie and when to drink the icy water they gave me. I had no idea, but apparently (according to my friends) my lips were white, my mouth was like, making this right ugly motion side to side, and my hands were twitching. Very dramatic, no? haha. And I missed all of it! (I feel like a jovial kids' movie ghost.) My friend S. caught me before I smacked all the way down, I suppose. The strangest thing is the utter lack of any time perception whatsoever. It was all very exciting, though. It was like being on ER, haha.

In other news, I'm going to see Pan's Labyrinth w/ L. and C. this weekend! They both came over last night. And I talked to S. My Italian midterm is this weds, bummer. Peccato! But for now, I'm just taking it easy. I don't feel pass-out-y, but I want to just take it slow and laid-back... I wish there was more to eat in the house, though... it was nice out today...
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lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-03-07 19:00
Subject: lots of nothing
Security: Public
Location:not NY, NY
Music:grandmaster flash : ) NY, NY joe jackson
i'm suspiciously hot tonight... hm. well its better than freezing my ass off (i wish, in ways) as usual. lazy day. talked to samantha on the phone. watched down by law: starts of gritty in a i'm-a-big-bad-indie-and-i'm-gonna-depress-you way, but actually had a very happy and cheesy little ending. not even violent. tom waits & roberto benigni & john lurie are all hot. i've been catsitting for next door. i still have to let that kid andrew know... ergh. matt/katherine invited me to the crew kids' k.'s b-day party this friday even tho i already went to k.'s not-crew-kids party (AWESOME) but i would be happy to... i have money to deposit (no i didn't earn it) at the bank tomorrow; i have to go to college hall at smith to get elaina zachary's mom to sign the yellow registration paper. i realised today that i could hear bethany and the ppl upstairs 'crystal clear' through various old walls of the 1800s, and how they must hear me belting out my terrible off-key voice to the smiths/morrissey/adam ant/cyndi lauper/madonna etc. extremely loudly allll the time. i don't care. but i'll never sing in the actual sight of anyone. it's like the loch ness monster. my singing face. i cant believe i'm not freezing. wow! wow! wow! tomorrow l. wants me to watch a movie about ray johnson w/ her... its called how to draw a bunny or something. not to be confused with the famous porno brown bunny. i think i have my first gynecologist thing in the near future. that sucks. oh well. like i mentioned i'm doing my first blood drive/donation 2 days from now! friday! i love my new iPod. i should write in my actual real diary. its been a while. i think i'm going to stop & shop tonight w/ my mom. probably not actually. i'll bet she's too tired, or she already went ahead on w/o me. i'm on p. 67 or something of my latest screenplay but i don't really like it from p. 50~ on. i might have to delete and redo like 15 pg. i'm afraid i'm going to be a huge loser in college. ahhh. i suck at italian lately. too much grammar.
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