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...also in italian! - he who fucks nuns will later join the church

lolita le lizarde
Date: 2007-04-29 00:20
Subject: ...also in italian!
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I'm basically writing on this because I'm procrastinating against brushing my teeth just because I'm tired and I feel comfy sitting here. Isn't that sad? Today I went for a drive w/ my father to terrible radio, saw Blades Of Glory, visited my grandparents, played Scrabble w/ my father also b/c I'm a party monster-donster. Yes. Tomorrow I'm hanging out w/ Samanthaaa! Boo to the yah. Ahhh it feels good to be able to type w/o a shitty broken keyboard, but at least I'll be leaving this place w/ a replacement. I really want to finish my current screenplay - not b/c I'm in love w/ it, or even particularly like it, but just b/c I'm a strictly one-at-a-time kind of gal - gal - and I have a good motivator to finish in wanting to get back to horror for my 4th. I don't have a goal number for before I reach Drexel, waiting in the wings just in case, but it'd be cool to have 3, even 4 wholly under my belt like the little codependent sluts they are for Me the Writer Awesome God-agh, James Hetfield style. I was reading a draft of the script for Freddy vs. Jason b/c I am a perennial slasher groupie, but it was absolute crap, good god. I saw Schindler's List the other day as I mentioned to Nicole. Um... I only have 4 more Italian classes left. The AP exams are May 12th or something, actual last day of school is May 23rd, prom is the 29th and finally at long effing last graduation is June 1st. Sooo close now. I have Can't Hardly Wait by The Replacements stuck in my head. I like Camper van Beethoven lately. I want to listen to Lou Reed & Bjork & Gary Numan to see if I like them more than a bit. I had a dream about exploding and dying French people last night. Very sad. Good thing Napoleon or Robespierre wasn't there b/c that would suck. I think Euro has given me more appreciation of Connecticut's many historical looking buildings. Tonight at a red light I was staring in absolute stupid admiration of the perfect lighting and paint on a white federal/colonial 1800s-y church. I have to watch Umberto D. by wednesday. Let's see me speak in Italian.

NOW IN ITALIAN (partially)

Sto scrivendo sul questo perche sono... lavarsi i denti pure perche sono stancha e mi sento bene si sta sedendo qui (?). Non e triste? Oggi sono andata per un viaggio con mio padre con la musica molto cattiva, ho visto... ho visitato i miei nonni... Domani... si sente bene per posso... senza che... ma almeno questo paese partiro con... davvero voglio finire il mio... non perche lo amo... ma puro perche sono... uno-a-un-tempo ragazza... e ho un buon... per finire in sta volendo? ritornare a... per il mio quarto... non ho... un numero per prima di andare a l'universita di Drexel, sta aspettando?... ma sara bene per avere tre, oppure quattro sotto il mio/la mia...? ...Leggevo... gli esami AP sono il dodici maggio... il fino giorno della scuole e il ventitre maggio... e il ventinove e... mi laureo il primo giugno. Molto vicino adesso. Mi piace CvB... voglio ascoltare a... per videre se gli mi piacciono piu di un po'. Ieri sera ho avuto un sogno di... molto triste. e bene che Napoleon o Robespierre non qui sia stato perche quello... penso che euro mi fosse dato piu... i palazzi. Stasera alla chiesa bianca e rossa... il Novecento... Devo guardare Umberto D. per mercoledi...
Mi vediamo parlo nel'italiano!

ah! ha ha
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Nicole: johnny weir!
User: knitcole22
Date: 2007-05-01 14:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:johnny weir!
did you like blades of glory? i thought it was a hoot :-)
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lolita le lizarde: i love my DR
User: acetylenegirl
Date: 2007-05-01 23:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:i love my DR
haha. yea, not as much as anchorman, but still funny. OMG i was laughing so hard at the part where the evil skater & will ferrel are having their extremely low-speed chase through the mall or w/e and they can barely move on their skates. hahaha
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